Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I was a patient 4 years ago and that was before I knew there was a rating site for Dr. Schmidt and OMSA. I had a lower front tooth that somehow cracked below the jawline. My dentist thought I would need a root canal and referred me to an endodontist. Root canal was done and I was still feeling pain, plus the area was infected. Endodontist did a second root canal, and that didn't take either. My wife had seen Dr. Schmidt for a couple of implants, so I did the same. My issue was sized up very quickly and Dr. Schmidt removed the tooth, put in the implant, reshaped the removed tooth to act as a temporary crown, and my dentist created and installed the crown. It has been stable ever since. So for those of you out there reading this and still working on that Zen riddle - "If an apple a day keeps a doctor away, what keeps dental providers away ?", don't worry about Dr. Schmidt or OMSA. This practice is absolutely the best !!

- Dr. Stu T

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